Our top ten federal priorities for 2024

1. Belgian & Regional Infrastructure and Connectivity: with an emphasis on investments in green infrastructure
2. Mobility and Public Transport
3. Tax Justice
4. Energy Transition
5. A Common European Defense
6. Climate Change Mitigation
7. Equal opportunities for everyone
8. Electoral Reform
9. Strategic expansion of EU competences
10. Increased citizen participation and involvement

Our political themes

Mobility & Infrastructure

  • Belgium Transport Renaissance: Tackle railway capacity bottlenecks and develop tramway networks in small and mid-sized cities and suburbs
  • Affordable unlimited railway access for €250 per year
  • Night trains in Belgium: 24/7 connection between larger cities
  • Expansion of European high-speed network and sleeper trains
  • High quality pedestrian and cycling infrastructure
  • 100% 4G coverage and 75% 5G coverage in Belgium by 2030
  • Affordable housing for young and old
  • Sustainable spatial planning: Meeting WHO targets on air pollution, green spaces and physical activity


Economy & Fiscal Justice

  • Encourage work by reducing taxes on labor and expanding the work bonus system. Fund this with a capital gain tax and by shifting taxes to polluting and harmful products
  • Increase efforts to fight corruption, tax fraud, tax evasion and social fraud
  • Make the tax system fairer for single people while still supporting families
  • A variable corporate taxation of 15-35% (current rate: 20-25%) for companies depending on their performance on employment, climate neutrality and human health

Energy Transition & Climate

  • Meet the Paris Agreement commitments and achieve climate neutrality by 2040 in Belgium & Europe, by significantly cutting greenhouse gas emissions in all sectors, including transport, residential heating, industry, and agriculture
  • Embrace natural carbon sinks like forests and offer fiscal incentives for sustainable agricultural practices such as permaculture, regenerative agriculture, and syntropic agriculture
  • Keep as many existing nuclear reactors open as long as possible, as long as it is technologically feasible and safe
  • Repeal the law that forbids future nuclear energy
  • More solar & wind energy, especially where space-efficient
  • A better integrated energy grid for Belgium within the EU


Education & Equal Opportunities

  • Equalize learning opportunities in education
  • Empower teachers in their profession
  • An inclusive society as an essential ingredient for a healthy Belgian democracy
  • Tackling inequalities in all spheres of life and policies


EU & Citizen Participation

  • Strategic expansion of EU competences
  • Abolish the council veto rights
  • Establish a common European defense
  • Experiment with citizen assemblies
  • Petition right in Flemish and Walloon region

But that's not all...

Explore our electoral program to learn more about our top ten policies. For further in-depth details on other topics, refer to our Belgian and European Mapping of Policies.